Instrument Design

Instrument Design

CSR specializes in providing expert reviews of questionnaires. Our survey methodologists are strong in the theoretic and practical issues related to the design and implementation of data collection instruments, with special emphasis on evaluating the cognitive aspects of survey response to minimize measurement error.

Cognitive interviewing in particular is recommended as part of an overall method for testing and evaluating questionnaires, especially ones which have not been previously piloted, validated, or whose measures have been adapted for a different target population or context. Cognitive interviewing employs a semi-structured interviewing protocol to gather information and feedback from a sample like that of the target population of the main survey. The protocol can range from standard probes utilized in question appraisal system models to assess comprehension and other problems to more targeted items that address potential issues native to the specific study, implementation method, or other ancillary study materials.

We have been fortunate to have seen many survey instruments over the years and are pleased to offer this service, both as part of a data collection effort we might execute and as stand-alone support for outside research projects.

Please contact us to inquire about questionnaire reviews and instrument design.

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