Welcome to the Center for Survey Research

The Center for Survey Research is a university-wide research facility of Indiana University providing qualitative and quantitative research services. We partner with academic clients from diverse substantive areas spanning business, education, the social sciences, and the health sciences as well as collaborators in media, nonprofit organizations, and government.

We offer the management, staff, and facilities required to conduct all phases of telephone, mail, and web surveys. We also offer consultation services in a wide range of specialized areas that include research design, questionnaire development, sample design, data collection methods (web, telephone, mail, in-person), data processing, and analysis of survey data.worldofstats_logo.gif

Our staff are trained in all aspects of survey research including:

  • questionnaire design
  • conducting focus groups and cognitive interviews
  • sampling
  • web and computer assisted interviewing programming
  • interviewing
  • data collection management
  • coding
  • forms scanning and data entry
  • data analysis

Current News

Reya Calistes Joins the CSR as Director of Research Project Management Services

rcalistes.jpgReya Calistes joins the Center for Survey Research (CSR) as the new Director of Research Project Management Services and a member of the Center’s leadership team. Reya holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, an MS in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, and a BA from Smith College. Formerly the Research Director at NM Incite, a Joint Venture between Nielsen and McKinsey, and the Assistant Director of Marketing Research in the Office of Marketing and Media at Purdue University, Reya brings a unique business-world perspective and extensive experience in market research and processes to the CSR. Prior to Purdue, Reya worked at IUPUI in the Office of Information Management and Institutional Research.

Making Associations Work: New Book by IU Experts Offers Recipe for Success

ashley_bowers.jpgMillions of Americans belong to membership organizations, from trade unions to neighborhood associations, from sports clubs to chambers of commerce. The effectiveness of those groups is in large part determined by the abilities of their governing boards. Beth Gazley and Ashley Bowers (pictured) from the Indiana University Bloomington School of Public and Environmental Affairs offer a recipe for strong board leadership in a new book based on a survey of nearly 1,600 nonprofit CEOs and executive directors sponsored by the ASAE Foundation. The book will be available for purchase in August 2013 on the ASAE website. [Read More...]