Data Processing

Data Processing

Data Entry and Forms Scanning

CSR has a longstanding data processing, data entry, and form scanning unit with rigorous training, data processing protocols, and quality oversight. Our data entry processes ensure high-quality data entry of paper forms using well-established standardized procedures. We work with an industry-leading vendor to quickly scan data, including open text, from a high volume of paper questionnaires or forms. During the scanning process, rigorous reviews of the scanned forms against the data are performed for quality control purposes. The scanning error rate is typically between 0.02% and 0.05% of all items.

Weighting and Other Data Editing

Weighting is a statistical adjustment technique used to improve the accuracy of estimates from survey data. There are two fundamental types of adjustments: one that corrects for unequal probabilities of selection that sometimes occur in sampling and one that attempts to offset some groups having become under or overrepresented in the collected sample due to nonresponse to the survey. There are many advanced technical approaches to these statistical adjustments and we work closely with collaborators to devise a weighting approach appropriate for the data. We can also clean raw datasets and perform imputation and other data editing where appropriate to adjust for missing or inconsistent data.

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