Projects by Substantive Area

  • The Indiana University Prepared for Environmental Change Grand Challenge – Hoosier Life Survey: The Environmental Resiliency Institute (ERI) contracted with the CSR to administer the Hoosier Life Survey as a mixed-mode web and paper survey to 10,000 randomly selected Indiana household addresses across the state, focused on seven distinct historical and geographic regions and metropolitan areas. The aim of the study was to inform the researchers about community and environmental values, perceptions, and behaviors of Indiana residents. The survey was sponsored and funded by Indiana University’s Grand Challenges Program.

  • Indiana University Precision Health Initiative Grand Challenge - Person to Person Health Interview Study: As part of a multi-million dollar collaborative effort of numerous internal and external stakeholders and eminent faculty principal investigators with the goal of achieving biomedical breakthroughs in cancer, childhood, chronic, and neurodegenerative diseases, CSR will be conducting over 4000 in-person interviews with  a representative sample of Indiana households and several disease cohorts to gauge health and impact of social networks, as well as collect biomarker samples. For the household sample, CSR field data collectors will administer a household screener to identify eligible participants, while the disease cohorts will be recruited and consented via physicians.  Study participants will receive a home visit consisting of a complex one-hour computer-assisted personal interview (CAPI), anthropometric measurements, and the collection of saliva samples. 
  • Comparing Interventions to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening in Low-Income and Minority Patients: This Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)-funded randomized clinical trial study continues longstanding collaborations with IU School of Nursing researchers on intervention strategies and special populations for cancer screenings, utilizing multi-wave standardized telephone interviews to assess efficacy of methods.
  • Indiana Community Health Needs Study: Partnering with the IU School of Public Health, this important health needs assessment surveyed six counties in Indiana: Clark, Dubois, Lawrence, Jackson, Madison, and Monroe. Randomly-sampled household residences were invited to participate in a mailed survey seeking to understand the health needs of communities from the people who live in them. Topics included general perceptions of health and health-related issues, as well as allocation of resources to health needs.
  • Pharmacists’ Role in Adult Immunization Rates Nonresponse Calling Project: A collaboration with Auburn University faculty researchers to provide nonresponse follow-up calling support for a mail survey on vaccination services provided by US pharmacies, funded by the American Pharmacists Association.
  • Population Health in the IU Simon Cancer Center Catchment Area (Hoosier Health Survey): CSR is collaborating on this mail survey funded by the National Cancer Institute (Department of Health and Human Services) and led by principal investigators in the IU Schools of Medicine and Nursing. Topics include cancer-related knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors, including cancer information-seeking behaviors. This study aims to gather detailed patient data in counties with high cancer mortality rates and build the necessary longitudinal infrastructure to monitor cancer-control efforts through state partnerships.

  • Administrative Reviews: CSR regularly conducts targeted surveys of IU departments and units, as well as reviews of IU centers, deans, and administrators. Additionally, CSR partners annually with the University of Alabama to administer their chair and dean review surveys.
  • American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting Surveys: On behalf of the AERA Joint Annual Meeting Policies and Procedures and Research Advisory Committee, CSR annually administers surveys requesting feedback on the meeting sessions. Session attendees and chairs are surveyed throughout the meeting.
  • Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) User Satisfaction Surveys: CSR conducts this annual Web survey to collect feedback on the XSEDE cyberinfrastructure environment and associated resources and services, on behalf of the XSEDE partnership leadership team.  
  • Indiana University Bloomington Arts and Humanities Council Asset Map : CSR administered a Web survey of randomly-selected IUB faculty, students, and staff to identify hot spots of arts and humanities activity and participation on campus and to help inform new campus events and research initiatives to foster such growth by the Provost and the Associate Vice Provost for the Arts and Humanities.
  • Indiana University Foundation Publications Study: Recipients of IU Foundation print publications, Imagine and Nexus, were interviewed by telephone to gauge reception and impact of the publications on target markets, as well as to gather feedback about IU and the Foundation from donors to the University.
  • Indiana University Information Technology Services (UITS) Surveys: For the past 23 years, CSR has conducted surveys of Indiana University students, faculty, and staff on several IU campuses including Bloomington and Indianapolis requesting feedback about computing and other IT services provided by UITS.
  • Indiana University Study of Non-Tenure Track (NTT) Faculty: CSR recruited for, designed, and conducted focus groups with NTT faculty as part of a broader study of the status of NTT faculty at IU. CSR also content analyzed documents from peer institutions, analyzed existing data on faculty satisfaction and needs, and conducted semi-structured interviews with school and department leaders.
  • Indiana University Sustainability Culture and Literacy Survey (IUOS): As part of the Indiana University Office of Sustainability’s larger campus initiative to promote sustainability literacy and culture on the Bloomington campus, CSR administered the first survey in 2017 to IUB undergraduates and graduate students. It aimed to assess and benchmark the knowledge of sustainability-related issues and sustainability behaviors on campus.
  • Indiana University Transportation Demand Survey: As part of a large research initiative to assist in planning for IU’s future growth, CSR is administering the third wave of a Web survey of faculty, staff, and students. First implemented in 2012 and the second in 2014, the survey aimed to determine transportation needs and possible barriers to use of alternative modes of transportation.
  • Science Gateways: In advance of an anticipated NSF Call for Proposals for Scientific Software Innovation Institutes (S2I2) in 2014, the Science Gateways Institute, in partnership with CSR, administered a survey of the national research and education community. The survey aimed to identify the needs of researchers and educators who use web portals to access advanced resources for science, commonly known as science gateways, to gather insights about the needs related to the development and maintenance of science gateways, as well as how gateway technologies might be adapted to benefit areas beyond the traditional science, engineering, and technology fields. 

  • Auditor Judgment Surveys: CSR collaborated with the Kelley School of Business Department of Accounting on two surveys concerning the use of financial statements. The CSR developed custom Web code to integrate with Qualtrics instruments. The first survey measured how often respondents referenced footnotes and the amount of time spent reading them. In the second survey, respondents interacted with a Web-based concept map, a graphical diagram coded to interact with survey answers in real-time, to help in visualizing relationships between concepts.
  • Indiana Nonprofit Survey: The Indiana Nonprofits Project has been informing community leaders since 1999 about the critical role that Indiana’s nonprofits play in communities across the state, with the aim of helping state and local leaders determine how best to support and strengthen Indiana nonprofits. The project is the leading source of statewide data on Indiana nonprofits and is supported by the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, the Efroymson Fund of the Indianapolis Foundation, and the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) Bloomington. This 2017 flagship study, currently being administered by CSR, for the Indiana Nonprofits Project asks Indiana nonprofits about their programs and services, staffing, general finances, marketing and technology, advocacy and policy activities, and relationships with other organizations. Primary data collection is by Web and paper with phone follow-up efforts.
  • Patent Licensing, Technology Transfer, and Innovation: This NSF-funded study in collaboration with principal investigators at the University California, Hastings College of the Law, and Stanford University, aims to evaluate whether any gains in innovation as measured by the creation of new products and other markers of innovation occur as a result of ex post patent assertions by non-practicing entities. Primary data collection is by Web and telephone with multimodal follow-up efforts targeting in-house counsel in US businesses.
  • READS for Summer Learning: Collaborating with the Harvard University Graduate School of Education READS Lab, CSR conducted telephone interviews with parents and guardians of grade school children enrolled in this summer reading program in North Carolina school districts. Designed as an intervention experiment, the study measured the effects of the reading program on children’s comprehension and other reading outcomes, with special focus on children from low-income backgrounds.
  • Sociological Research Practicum: SRP is conducted annually with the IU Department of Sociology to provide first year graduate students with the opportunity to participate in a large-scale, faculty-directed research project. As part of this experience, students conduct telephone interviews at CSR. SRP began in 1965 as the Indianapolis Area Project (IAP), originally modeled after the University of Michigan’s Detroit Area Study, and the topics covered in the survey vary from year to year depending on the investigator.
  • Water Management Surveys: This survey of stakeholders in the delta area of California and the Tampa Bay and Great Lakes areas focused on policies related to water management and methods stakeholders use to participate in decision-making processes. The survey used a mixed-mode mail and Web design. CSR collaborated on this project with researchers at Florida State University, the University of California Davis, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
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